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CARYSIL CXQ-915 & RXQ-915 (*Quadro) Kitchen Sink - Domaco


CARYSIL CXQ-915 & RXQ-915 (*Quadro) Kitchen Sink


CARYSIL CXQ-915 & RXQ-915 (*Quadro) Kitchen Sink

Carysil is committed to offer the best in terms of functionality and durability, using the premium grade of stainless steel. With various sizes, design, range and shapes, carysil is able to create your ideal kitchen experience.

-1.2mm Handmade Stainless Steel Sink 

-Material: Stainless steel grade 304, 18-8

-All Sink are supplied with PVC bottle trap & Waste


- No additional charges

Cash on Delivery without Installation
- Delivery without installation @ $15

Cash on Delivery with Installation
- View to quote

(Only includes installation for sink with existing outlet piping. Additional charges will apply if extra piping or parts is needed. *as deem fit by the installer.)

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