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Champs Pebble Water Heater - Domaco


Champs Pebble Water Heater


Champs Pebble
IPX5 Splash Proof

Designed and built with splash-proof safety standards that protect the internal circuits from water.

Energy & Water Saving
Saves electricity and water costs as the heater only heaters up the water when in use.

High Precision Power Selector
Provides easy and precise control over the water temperature.

Anti-Scald Safety Device
Prevents water temperature from reaching scalding level and permanently cuts off power to the heater when temperature reaches abnormal level.

Massage Shower Set
Each heater is equipped with a CHAMPS luxurious shower set for an optimal shower experience.

Overheat Indicator
Lights up in the event the water temperature reaches a scalding level.


Power Rating 3.3kW, 230V a.c. 50Hz
Inlet & Outlet Water Connection ø15mm(1/2" BSP)
Minimum Water Flow Rate 3 ℓ/min
Recommended Water Flow Rate 4-6 ℓ/min
Permissible Inlet Water Pressure 0.1MPa - 0.3MPa
Recommended Inlet Water Pressure 0.1MPa
Dimensions (L x H x W) 194 x 298 x 98mm
Weight 880g



- No additional charges

Cash on Delivery without Installation
- Delivery without installation @ $15

Cash on Delivery with Installation
- Water Heater Installation (Replacement) with Transportation fee @ $50

(Only includes installation for Water Heater with existing outlet piping. Additional charges will apply if extra piping or parts is needed. *as deem fit by the installer.)

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