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Kith Smokeless BBQ Grill (Mini) domaco.com.sg


Kith Smokeless BBQ Grill (Mini)

$139.00 $189.00

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Kith Smokeless BBQ Grill (Mini) domaco.com.sgKith Smokeless BBQ Grill (Mini) domaco.com.sgKith Smokeless BBQ Grill (Mini) domaco.com.sgKith Smokeless BBQ Grill (Mini) domaco.com.sg


Features :

- 99.9% SMOKE-FREE BARBECUE - Enjoy zero smoke for your everyday barbecue session

- ADJUSTABLE SWING ARM 120° - Quick way to pause grilling while allowing safe access to your food

- COMPACT DESIGN - Doesn't take up too much dinning area & storage space. Great for small living spaces!

- PATENTED AUTO-ROTATE GRILL PAN 360° - Even grilling while having your food within reach on your dining table

- PATENTED INFRARED HEATING TECHNOLOGY - Heat that penetrates quickly and effectively while retaining the juices, flavour & nutrients

- UNIQUE GRILL PAN DESIGN - Non-stick, detachable & dishwasher-safe for easy & hassle-free cleaning. The grill pan is specially designed for unwanted grease/oil to flow down effortlessly to the oil tray

- DIAL CONTROL KNOBS - Provide quick and easy control over cooking temperature and time

- GRILLING / COOLING FAN - Circulate air around food which gives a very even heat. Auto-activated to cool down the unit after grilling

- MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE Offers options to play and adjust to your grilling needs

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