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Philips Storage Water Heater 15/25 Litres domaco.com.sg


Philips Storage Water Heater 15/25 Litres

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 Philips Storage Water Heater 15/25 Litres domaco.com.sg

Philips Storage Water Heater 15/25 Litres

Easy temperature adjustment
With the mechanical knob, the temperature can be adjusted easily by up to 75 degrees Celsius.

Excellent anti-corrosion with blue diamond enamel coating
The heater comes with excellent corrosion resistance, thanks to the blue diamond enamel coating of not just the water tank, but the water inlet and outlet as well.

Incoloy 840 heating element
Incoloy 840 heating element offers great resistance to oxidization and carbonization in high temperature environment, ensuring the life span of the heater.

IPX4 splash water proof
IPX4 splash water proof for worry-less regular cleaning.

More hot water with special inlet to direct water flow
With a special design of the inlet, the incoming flow of cold water is dispersed at the bottom, while the hot water is pushed to the upper space inside the tank. It avoids immediate direct contact of the hot and the cold water, which allows more hot water to be available.

Resistor magnesium anode
Resistor magnesium anode provides thorough protection for the water tank, even when the inlet water quality is not ideal**.

Single welding of water tank reduces risk of leakage
There are multiple weldings of water tank with conventional water heater, each imposing risk of leakage. Philips water heater adopts single welding technology which lowers down the risk for more durability.

2 years for the whole device. 7 years for the inner tank.

Product Dimension (LxWxH)
15L - 385 x 385 x 324mm 
25L - 435 x 435 x 385mm (Only in Matt Blue)



  • Capacity - 25L
  • ELCB - No
  • Heating element - Incoloy 840
  • Resistor magnesium anode - Yes
  • Max water heating temperature - 75  °C
  • Max water pressure - 8  bar
  • Safety valve - Yes
  • Voltage and frequency - 230V, 50Hz
  • Waterproof - IPX4
  • 15L - 385 x 385 x 324mm
  • 25L - 435 x 435 x 385mm


- No additional charges

Cash on Delivery without Installation
- Delivery without installation @ $20

Cash on Delivery with Installation
- Storage Heater Installation (Replacement) fee @ $80 or for inside false ceiling type @ $180 or If require cutting and patching of false ceiling @ $250 
- Transportation fee @ $20

(Only includes installation for Storage Water Heater with existing outlet piping. Additional charges will apply if extra piping or parts is needed. *as deem fit by the installer.)

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